Saturday, October 13, 2012

Obscure but effective

I don't believe I'm alone in exploring the entirety of websites (especially crudely made ones that links have died) by removing some piece of the url. I am under the distinct impression that this is a common trick to get the information you actually need. Old dead link, backspace a few times, find parent directory or page, click new link or search for actual download as the case may be. This isn't something I use lightly. Links to Motorola from before the advent of smart phones, and reuse of the term RAZR are probably all dead! But does that mean I can't get to the right forum-posted-link for my dad's old phone? Absolutely not. I knew that anything at was better than nothing. What's the point? I want to take this time to rave about's free tool allowing my brand to point to anything I link. I don't guarantee these links won't change, but your click will be counted and you will have used my brand to get there. Try this tip. Anyone who can access their domain's A record can do this: (I love how existential this link is). For instructions click here:
This could be used on social networks, to post your latest blog link, or simply to tell grandma a shorter thing to type to get to that new hip replacement therapy news. And to bring all this together, try this link: . See how short?

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