Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wal-Mart in Centerville is giving away pumpkins for $0.00

Now if that was only true of the candy! I'm going to get some of those weird gourd ones.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Obscure but effective

I don't believe I'm alone in exploring the entirety of websites (especially crudely made ones that links have died) by removing some piece of the url. I am under the distinct impression that this is a common trick to get the information you actually need. Old dead link, backspace a few times, find parent directory or page, click new link or search for actual download as the case may be. This isn't something I use lightly. Links to Motorola from before the advent of smart phones, and reuse of the term RAZR are probably all dead! But does that mean I can't get to the right forum-posted-link for my dad's old phone? Absolutely not. I knew that anything at was better than nothing. What's the point? I want to take this time to rave about's free tool allowing my brand to point to anything I link. I don't guarantee these links won't change, but your click will be counted and you will have used my brand to get there. Try this tip. Anyone who can access their domain's A record can do this: (I love how existential this link is). For instructions click here:
This could be used on social networks, to post your latest blog link, or simply to tell grandma a shorter thing to type to get to that new hip replacement therapy news. And to bring all this together, try this link: . See how short?

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Oh so many uses

Have any of you Google users out there seen just how many additional search operators they have? My favorite, and the reason for this post is "is:unread"! I use it so often from my Android phone that it's a word in my Swype dictionary. What's the big deal? This allows frenzied (read "busy") email, Google Voice, or anything readers like myself to go back through our piles of goodies (information is power, remember) and see what we want to read from those we might otherwise have skipped. For one thing I think it's invaluable as a tool to see if there are any voicemail or missed call notifications about which my mobile app has failed to inform. Or anything that is important that's gotten buried under "missed calls" from that annoying sales guy - I don't have the heart to block the number just yet. Does anyone else find themselves scrolling through patches of unread mail saying "later, when I have time..." only to realize they went right passed something that would have cost them dearly because it didn't grab attention? This has saved me from a number of those situations where email could not have it's normal 24 hour expected turn around. I'm still working on how some clients think email is immediate! As such I find my best connect method a very fluid concept. But that is a start of a very different post. Here is a link to Google's helpful little trick list, including is:unread . By the way, feel free to email me at for another tip which is sometimes useful. One last tidbit: that email can also be sent to it all gets to the same place.

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