Friday, December 3, 2010

My First (read "new" come on, give me some credit) Reading List

Wikipedia's "Social Criticism" references, i.e. I want to read up on a lot of these things, not simply that I am making some lame plan to read a bunch of wikipedia articles. Sadly I cannot limit this list to items pertaining to America, or its foundations, tenets, or world's-police-officers sort of policies or programs. Nor can I limit the list to people, eliminating some items such as events or concepts like "erotic literature", which I don't know that I would need to read.

Things I see as wantonly missing from this list, so I may add red-linked articles very shortly:

  • The Principles of Totalitarianism, 
  • Howard Mehlinger, (note to self, get a copy of Mr. Chavis's version of the above and compare to Mehlinger and this Mr. Charon's)
  • any reference to Totalitarianism: An Inductive Approach.

I sense a conspiracy.

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