Friday, April 3, 2009

Conference Weekend

Learn why Family is so important to us!

So we are down at Heather’s sister’s for a couple days, to watch LDS General Conference, and to have Keegan spend time with his cousins. Everyone is everywhere at the moment, and that’s exactly how we like it. Keegan needs to play with more kids. Hopefully soon he’ll be able to play with boys his own age. It’s been a long crazy week at work for James. Heather has been modifying Keegan’s room with IKEA and Target’s help, into a

 “Big Boy Room.”

He has a queen futon bed (donated by James), all new lime green bedding and complementary pillows. He has an IKEA bookcase with drawers and stuff, it’s all very chic!

I’m going to have Heather sit down, so the next post will be from her, I’m going to recommend that it be about the real description of the room. Oh, I can say he does have two magnetic boards for pictures and homework (he’s getting close to starting preschool)!

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